Benefits of using Intro XL

If you need a reason to upgrade your current system, here are just a few benefits of switching to Intro XL.

The main benefits are:

The majority of software user complaints are not about the features.  Industry's reports show that making software easy to use is the biggest concern customers have when making a purchasing decision on a piece of software. This is why we developed Intro XL so that it is easy to use and intuitive.  Here is what one of our customers said about Intro XL:

"Employees are such an investment and because I provided my employees with an easy to use program, many of them feel empowered in their new "Computer Capabilities".  They are proud of themselves, which in turn makes them motivated employees and creates less turnover."

The second biggest user complaint about software is the price.  At Intro XL we believe that software shouldn't be expensive. Our second goal was to make Intro XL affordable to any payday business.  We proved this to one of our customers when they said to us:

"When you are in business for yourself, you realize that being cost conscience is so important and because of that, I wonder sometimes how the people behind Intro XL can afford to operate on such a low monthly subscription fee.  The cost for the IntroXL subscription is so minimal compared to other expenses in my Company."

The third biggest complaint about cash advance payday loans software is the installation or initial set up.  There is no installation on your local computers, so no need to hire network administrators for tedious installations.

"Transitioning from one advance payday loans software vendor to IntroXL will be one of the easiest transitions available."

Other reasons to use Intro XL:

We believe ease of use, cost and getting started are the most important reasons to choose a payday loan software company, but we'd like to provide you with a few more reason, if this isn't enough.

  • Unlike many other systems you don't have to buy expensive computers, special hardware or any 3rd party software to run our system. This is money you save the first day you choose our system.

  • Training your employees to use Intro XL is easy because it's run through your internet browser.  If your associates can use the Internet, they can learn how to use our system. Many systems out there require you to learn special codes or commands to do simple transactions. You're employees will thank you for choosing Intro XL.

  • Train your people on our free training site. Don't mess around with your live data. Use our demo site to train and trouble-shoot a problem. This site is available 24/7 to all our customers.

  • We back up your data and store it in a centralized server at no additional cost. We have tested redundancy and disaster recovery plans, so that your stores are always working.

  • Get answers faster, easier. Why spend unnecessary time getting simple answers? Get these answers online, easily and 24/7. We save your managers time, by not forcing them to dig for information or wait for faxes. Your reports are always accessible.

  • Your store personnel will save time digging through files. Tracking a loan or a customer is easy.  The most valuable customer information is on main screens. We provide access to all your customer and loan information in a simple, easy-to-read pages that include all the pertinent loan data, comments, contact log and phone numbers.

  • Printing forms like customer contracts, wage assignments and collection letters will save you time, space and money associated with high printer costs. You can also limit your exposure to law suits and fines by providing standard forms through our system. This will limit human error or bad judgment associated with unapproved company collection letters.

  • Converting data is straight forward. We provide a template for our database scheme and assist you with the conversion process.
  • Auditing is made much easier when you use our system. Your auditors can decrease their prep time by half before they even walk into your stores. Instead of taking unnecessary time to pull reports at the store, they can dive right into the auditing process